John Fox, certificate of freedom, April 30, 1811

Dutchess County fs.
John Fox a black man having
exhibited to me John Johnston first Judge of the Court of
common pleas of said county proof of his freedom which
is reduced to writing + exhibited in the Village of
Poughkeepsie the place where he the said said John Fox resides.
And I being of opinion that the said John Fox is
free according to the laws of this state . — I do
certify the same — the said John Fox being about
5 feet 7 inches in height — of a slender make +
[b]lack complexion — having been born in the town of
Poughkeepsie + manumitted or made free on this
day. — Dated April 30th 1811
John Johnston
Recorded the above this 30th day of March 1816–
Jacob Van Ness Clerk

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