Robert Barratt, certificate of freedom, May 1, 1816

Dutchess County fs.

Robert Barratt a mulatto man having exhibited
to me Peter R Maison a judge of the Court of Common
Pleas of said county proof of his freedom which is reduced
to writing and exhibited in the village of Poughkeepsie
the place where he the said Robert Barratt resides
and I being of opinion that the said Robert Barratt
is free according to the Laws of this state I do certify
the same The said Robert being about five feet
five inches in height of a slender make and light
complexion + having been born in the city of New York
a free man + has a scar on his nose.

Dated May 1, 1816
Peter R Maison
Recorded the above the 1st May 1816

Jacob Van Ness Clerk

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