Poughkeepsie Journal -March 16-23, 1786

RUN AWAY from the subscriber
on Sunday evening last, a Mula-
to Boy named Moses, (says his name is
Moses Jones) about 16 years old, small
in stature, slow in speech, rather [bas-]
ful in his looks; had on when he went
away a blue short jacket, with a red
cape and cuff, a pair of grey cloth
trowsers broke at the knees, white stock-
ings, a pair of shoes, and a cambl {a}
geat coat lined with baize; took with
him a pair of fine light coloured cl++
breeches. Whover takes up the said
run-away, so that his master shall [illegible]
him again, will receive the said reward,

RED HOOK, Dutchess county.
March 14, 1786. P

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