OVER 57-58 Order of Removal of Sara Turner Feb 29 1807

Order of Removal of Sara Turner Feby 29 1808
S.S State of New York Dutchess County fs.
To any constable of Poughkeepsie town in said County [illeg]
LS Wherein upon the complaint of the overseers
of the Poor of the said county(crossed out) town of Poughkeepsie
and other inhabitants of said town unto us
whose names are hereunto set and seals affixed be-
-ing two of the Justices of the peace in and for the said
county that Sara Turner has come to reside in the
said town, not having gained a legal settlement
therein, mor produced any certificate owning her to
be settled elsewhere, that the said Sara Turner
is likely to become chargeable to the said town of
Poughkeepsie — We the said Justices upon due
proof thereof made unto us upon oath, and otherwise
upon due consideration had of the premissed, do adjudge
the same to be true. We do likewise adjudge
that the said Sara Turner was permitted to wander
unapprehended from the town of Shawangunk
to the town of Marlborough in the County of Ulster
and state aforesaid, into the town of Poughkeepsie
aforesaid. _ And we the said Justicesnot being able
to discover or determine where the last place of
legal settlement of the said Sara Turner is, and
having heretofore that is to say on the 8th day of
Feby inst. ordered the said Sara Turner to depart
from the town of Poughkeepsie to her last place
of legal settlement, which order she has in no
way obeyed __ We do therefore in the name of
the people of the state of New York order and direct
you the said constable that you convey & transport
the said Sara Turner unto the town of Marlbourough
aforesaid and deliver her together with this

[illeg – order?]

[receipt?] and order unto one of the constables
of the said town of Marlborough, which constable is
hereby required to receive the said
Sara Turner and convey and deliver her in
like manner to one of the constables of the town
of Shawangunk by the most convenient rout
the place from whence she came ___ And you
the said constable are hereby required to receive

the said Sara Turner and convey her in like manner to the next constable,
and so from constable to constable until she shall be transported into some
city or town within this state where she is legally settled, or out of this
state into the place from which she last came into this state, agreeably to
the statute in such case made and provided
Given under our hands & seals at Poughkeepsie the 29th day of Feb in the year 1808

A true Copy? Wm Emott
Peter R maison} Justices

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