OVER 093-94 Examination of William Cooper Oct 11 1808

Examination of Wm Cooper. Oct 11 1808
Dutchess County fs. – The Examination of William
Cooper taken upon oath before us the 11th Oct. 1808
says that he has an old negro man living with him by
the name of Will __ aged about

Old negro man living with him by the name of Will – aged about
ninety one years by information. he is remark
-ably healthy for his age and might be useful
in a family that wanted help. The Deponent
having lost his wife, and from other circum
-stances is under the necessity of breaking up
housekeeping, which he intends to do in a
short time _ and from a number of unfortunate
events he much reduced in point of property, which
renders him unable to support said Negro. he
therefore makes application to the Magistrates
and Overseers of the poor of the town of Pough-
keepsie to grant the said Negro Will, [a?] sup-
port & mainanence __ The deponent further
says that about eighteen years ago William
Allen of New York. gunsmith the administrator
of James Meeks formerly of Fishkill town then
deceased. Whose property said Negro was, said
Allen entered into a written agreement with the
deponent, and paid the deponent twenty dollars
James Meeks William Allen
in cash and promised verbally to supply the
Negro with clothing from time to time which
has in part been complied with, and the said
deponent on his part engaged to support said Negro
and prevent his becoming chargeable to the estate
of said James Weeks _ and the said Negro
has lived & been supported by the deponents
ever since      William Cooper
Sworn before us the
11th Oct 1808
Peter R Maison
Wm. Emott} Justice of peace


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