OVER 094 Examination of Abraham Fort Oct 12, 1808

Examination of Abraham Fort. Oct. 12 – 1808
Dutchess County fs. The Examination of Abraham Fort
taken upon oath before us the 12th Oct. 1808
says _ That a Negro woman Phillis supposed to
be near Eighty years of age was about 48 year
ago brought by his Father from Esopus and re-
mained in his family as a slave for a num-
ber of years. When she was sold to Henry Livingston
she afterwards became his fathers slave again
who afterwards sold her to John p Vemont _ this
might be about 10 years ago __ The deponent was
told she was afterward sold by said Vemont to
James Johnson in New York who again sold
her to John Wiltsey of Barnagut in Poughkeepsie
Wiltsey again sold her to Benjamin F Jacocks of
the same place. The deponent believes Mr.
Jacocks to be a poor man, & not of ability to
maintain said Negro woman
Sworn before us the
12th Oct. 1808 ABm Fort
Peter R Maison
Wm. Emott} Ordered that such relief be granted as the case requires

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